Save Time, Have Fun & "Rock The House" With The Support Of 1-on-1 Guitar Coaching 

Get 1-on-1 Lessons From A Pro From Home & Tap Into Deep Knowledge To Play Your Favourite Songs And Styles (and how to make them sound awesome)

Spots are limited!

Imagine Getting Connected To A Pro Guitar Teacher That Will Teach You All Your Favourite Songs & Styles (And You Don't Even Have To Leave The House...)

Do you ever have problems on the guitar but there’s no one around to answer your specific question? If you’re like me, I like to "get to the good stuff" on the guitar like actually playing and enjoying it as soon as possible rather than spending hours getting burnt out, and struggling trying to find the answer on my own. That’s why I still seek out 1-on-1 guitar lessons to this day and I really recommend you do too. 

When you get some good tips from someone - it just saves you a huge amount of time, AND you avoid unnecessary hard work. Why would you swim around in the misery of how-to videos, or reading a manual, and the likely possibility of messing things up and doing it wrong when somebody can just tell you exactly how to do it!?

I’m a huge advocate of 1-on-1 lessons and I strongly believe that every guitar player should get access to them at some point. Believe it or not, when reading biographies and researching pro rockstars like Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads (of Ozzy Osbourne) and members of the Beatles, all these guys have taken some form of 1-on-1 lessons too! So that being said, I’d like to ask you, why aren’t you investing your time and money in 1-on-1 lessons?

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What is Campfire Guitar Star's Webcam Guitar Coaching?

Guitar can be challenging and frustrating. We've set out to make an easy-to-access system where a passionate music lover and guitar fan (like yourself!) can connect to a pro guitar coach through your computer. It works so well, you've just have to try it for yourself so you can see how powerful this opportunity is for your guitar play and for your life!

How Do These Webcam Guitar Lessons Work?

Well, they work really well! But more specifically, we use a Google based video-call app called "Hangouts". It connects our computers together for seamless video calls. Plus there's the integration of instant messaging and an online document system so you'll be fully supported on your musical journey! Also, you'll be able to message your instructor through the app in-between lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are you supposed to show me things on the guitar and see what I’m doing and playing without being in the same room? 

Today, we will setup your (free) orientation session. We'll get you setup in a way where you can see me, and I can see you. Students are often amazed as to how much we can see and hear what you're doing (right or wrong!). 

Our video signal is through a HD webcam. We can get close up angles and you'll be able to see exactly what's going on at all times.

You've really just got to see it for yourself and give this opportunity a shot to see how effective these webcam coaching sessions are!

2. If I’m going to invest and pay for guitar lessons, shouldn't I take them from a person in the same room as me - not over webcam?

Just the fact that you're thinking about 1-on-1 lessons is sending you in the right direction. Now, you can take lessons, or you can take lessons with our company, Campfire Guitar Star and get access to an educated, experienced, pro guitar teacher from home

Or the alternative would go something like this... You roll the dice on a local, "Regular-Joe" guitar teacher, and cross your fingers that he’s going to be a good teacher (someone who is patient, supportive, easy to hang out with, and they'll passionately teach you your favourite music and so on...). Of course, you have to travel across town to get to them - packing up, traffic, parking and so on - usually taking an additional hour of your time…  

So here’s the thing - You can roll the dice, cross your fingers and spend extra time and money traveling - or you can stay at home, save time, and energy and book a free session right here today and get access to an educated, experienced, pro guitar teacher from home. We want to make this guitar thing easy for you :)

3. Tell Me Again: How Do I Become A Campfire Guitar Star 1-on-1 Student? 

Now, this is huge: Today, you can book a FREE 1-hour session.

To book this session: Click on any of the buttons on this page to access our calendar to book a convenient time. Next, we’ll make sure you’re totally taken care of so you’ll know exactly how to connect with us online (even if you’re totally computer illiterate - this process is easy and we offer a lot of support, anytime you need it). 

After this free, orientation session... You'll probably want to do some lessons. Yup! Be prepared to get hooked! This is why we do the free orientation session, so you can see for yourself how powerful this opportunity is, with no obligation. We want to make sure this is going to be a good fit for you before you invest a couple or a few hundred dollars in your guitar education.

4. How Much Do The Lessons Cost?

These lessons are for people that can afford a couple or a few hundred dollars a month ($200-300/mo) and see the value in getting coached.

To keep this page updated and relevant, please call or do this free 1-on-1 session to get up-to-date pricing. What I can say is we absolutely offer competitive pricing to the "going-rate" of other teaching services out there. Considering we are Berklee educated, experienced teachers and real guitar players, you would be hard pressed to find a more fitting teacher! So give this an honest shot and get ready to be hooked!

5. What Kind Of Bonuses & Guarantees Do I Get?

You're Covered By 2, Rock-Solid Guarantees:

If you move forward with a package of lessons, you’re covered by this first guarantee: In the event of any technical difficulties such as connection problems, this would not cut into your lesson time. You never get charged if these uncommon events pop up. We’ll either go past the hour in these cases to make up for any lost time, or schedule make-up time on another day.

Your second guarantee: Go through the package of lessons and if you don't feel like you became a noticeably better guitar player, then you can get 100% of your money back. That’s how certain I am that you’re going to get so much value from these sessions and knowledge that you’ll keep for as long as you play the guitar.

Huge Bonus Included When You Become a 1-on-1 Student:

"Rock Guitar Star", "Blues Guitar Star", "Acoustic Guitar Star, "5 Minuite Guitar" & "1960s Guitar Song Collection" 

As an included bonus, we have 5, full length, DVD style courses valued at $600. I won’t go into in too much detail right now, but the course names are pretty self-explanatory - you get access to “Rock Guitar Star”, “Acoustic Guitar Star”, “Blues Guitar Star”, “The Ultimate 1960s Rock Guitar Song Collection” and our Beginner course “5 Minute Guitar”. 

This is over 60 hours of premium video content that’s available for members only and you’ll have access to our entire library for as long as you take 1-on-1 lessons with us.

6. 1-on-1 Lessons: Tell Me More About What I Can Expect

We ask that you assemble a list of 10 songs. Not just any 10 songs... Make this list the most inspiring riffs, chords, songs and solos that you know. Why do we get you to do this? This helps us create a customized guitar plan for you where we'll show you the techniques, theory, magic and mystery behind all your favourite music.

Certainly, we will show you all our proprietary systems, theory, chords and scales...

But we also want to focus on you reaching your goals.

This is why we are very interested in the music that you like because if you play your favourite jams, that's going to motivate you to keep on going all while having a blast!  

Now, for the written material - this really blows pen+paper out of the water. We use an online, collaborative document that you’ll have up at the same time as your lesson that instantly updates as your teacher types and uses their mouse so you can see the chords and riffs that you’re being taught. Also, this customized guitar document is dated so it’s super organized with all your tabs, scales, chord charts, and practice routines. It’s also easily printable and available on all devices. You’ll always know exactly what to practice so when it comes around to your next lesson, you can soak up the new info so you can practice hard in-between lessons on all the right stuff.

So Here's The Opportunity Laid Out For You... 

Connect with a pro, get covered by these 2 guarantees and this $600.00 bonus. And now, you’re left with a choice - you can book your free session now and get supported by a pro guitar teacher or leave this page and go about doing the DIY, shooting-in-the-dark method.

You’re seeing this page up because we currently have room for just a few more students right now but because we’re a small team, and spending actual time with students - as you can imagine, spots and availability are very limited and these spots will fill up fast. So take the initiative right now. I know you’ve always wanted to rock the guitar, and here’s the opportunity to do it right and get music and guitar into your life in a huge way.

What People Are Saying

What Are People Saying About The 1-on-1 Campfire Guitar Star Webcam Lessons?

Here are some additional testimonials aside from the video:

"Being self employed means that I'm "on call" to my business 24/7. The convenience of my webcam lessons is literally the difference between me being able take regular lessons and not. So for me webcam lessons are PRICELESS in me being able to take consistent steps towards my guitar goals.  

Because my webcam lessons are so convenient and that allows me to take them consistently, I've found that the "mystery" of guitar mastery evaporates more and more with each lesson as Mike and Will have a clear, solid answer for ANY questions that I might have.

Don't wait as long as I did to give them a try! I was letting myself get a little "caught up" in my secret fear of technology and my perception of it's lack of "reliability" sometimes, forcing me to think that if I was gonna be "serious" about lessons, they had to be "in person". That thinking was full of fear and excuses and I'm actually now, with webcam lessons, making more consistent guitar gains than I ever thought possible. 

You guys rock and from the bottom of my heart, I want to say a big "thank you!" giving me a consistent, clear and reliable path to achieving the guitar goals I've dreamt about achieving since I was a kid!! I feel the growing sense of CONFIDENCE that I can actually reach my guitar goals"

-Dana P

Online guitar lessons are just effective as in person one-on-one lessons. I was lucky enough to take lessons with Will and Mike when they lived in the same city as me so I feel confident in saying the lessons online are just as effective, maybe even more effective because you are in the comfort of your own home.

The biggest emotional impact I've had by taking online webcam lessons is I have become re-inspired to be a better guitar player. The ease of being able to do lessons at home makes me want to pick up the guitar every time I pass by it.

Will and Mike are deadly guitar players that have a natural ability to teach and make it fun! If you want to learn the blues and/or rock music, they are so perfect. Or if you are just beginning, they will make the whole experience seamless like they did for me. 

-Dan F